Southwark Council postpone new SPD Consultation

The new SPD consultation period previously scheduled for six weeks commencing 3 September has now been put back by a fortnight to start on 17 September.

Southwark Council have announced this postponement on their Web site:… but not directly to the people to whom they wrote letters announcing the consultation dates.  On the plus side, the web site does now record the many objections received once we undertook Southwark’s consultation task for want of effort on their part.

The BVAG consultation office/cafe in Globe House was scheduled to hold an opening on Monday 6 September to help the consultation process along.  In view of the postponement we will use the delay to get the place a bit more complete for a delayed opening now to be held on Wednesday 15 September.

More details to follow.

Does anyone have any information on why Southwark decided to delay the start of the re-consultation?

Two purely speculative theories:

(1)        Just bureaucratic inefficiency and tardiness.  (Entirely plausible but a bit dull.)

(2)        Council Leader Peter John was recently quoted in the press as saying he expected to receive Sellar’s application for the Shard Satellites in Bermondsey St imminently.  Even by Southwark’s standards it would look a bit off if the Sellar application came in just when the consultation closed.  Have Sellar asked for an extension?  (Perhaps a bit too much logic in this one.) ?

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