Tuesday 25 May – Letter from Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council

Thursday 20 May – New consultation announced

New SPD consultation period announcement by Council Leader, Peter John, reported in Southwark News

Bermondsey Street residents will get a second chance to give their views on a controversial planning document associated with proposals to build three new sky-scrapers behind the Shard.

Full article here:



  1. John Corey says:

    Keep us posted as to anything official that comes out (when the consultation should start, how to participate, etc).

  2. bstowers says:

    As you can see details will follow. As soon as we receive them we will post up on the site.

  3. JH says:

    Glad to see some aknowledgement of the shortcomings of Southwark Council’s consulation process for planning matters. Hope this, in itself, becomes an issue where progress will be made. On the matter of the SPD I will be lloking forward to addressing the issue in an open forum where the Council responds to the wishes of the local community and not to the aspirations of planning officers who want to get a “prestige” project under their belt.

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