This site is dedicated to informing local people – and anyone interested – about the bizarre plan to garnish the medieval Bermondsey Street in London SE1 with Shard-satellite tower blocks of between 30 and 60 floors (depending who you listen to).

We are starting with our contribution to the election. It is often difficult to find enough merit in any politician to inspire a walk to the polling station. Here is a chance to find a reason to cast your vote one way or another.

Southwark Council have contrived to circumvent local opinion with the device of slipping a tower block policy into the local development plan – on which they believe they don’t have to consult neighbours – even if they are about to find the building immediately next door is to become a 50-story tower block. More details and plans to follow.

Not only did they devise a scheme to bypass local opinion but they have stuck doggedly by it even when they were rumbled. The result is that they plan to discard well over 100 objections from local people and claim they only had 16. Out-of-time they say, although the policy is not due to be formally adopted for over a year (June 2011). They are ‘too busy’ to consider the opinions of local people who could obviously only object once they knew what was going on – and that was already too late by the Council’s scheme.

Find out what the local candidates – both Council and Parliamentary – think about all this.

The site is expected to evolve and embrace several related issues including:

  • How Southwark’s planners have contrived to facilitate the grandiose scheme and how they can be brought to account by local people.
  • The gestation and progress of the proposals.
  • Examination of the credibility of the scheme’s proposer – Irvine Sellar – and his relationship with Southwark Council its financial viability.
  • The old chestnut of tall buildings and their merits and suitability for particular locations.
  • Alternative plans for the site at Bermondsey Street/Snowsfields/St Thomas St.
  • Conservation or destruction of a Victorian warehouse in Vinegar Yard of some historical and architectural interest and certainly an example of the distinctive defining architecture of the immediate area.
  • How the political, architectural, social and financial stories of the Shard impact on the satellite proposal and the neighbourhood in general.

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